Locals are smaller inhabitants of the planets and can appear in greater numbers than the Flockers but are just as dim. They are mostly globular in shape with blinking eyes and little antennae on top of their heads. They communicate by bouncing, blinking and squeaking. On certain planets, the Locals are geometric shapes: squares, circles and triangles. Locals are always colorful, appealing and friendly.[1]

Like flockers, there is a population of locals unique to each tiny planet.

Types of LocalsEdit

  • Light and Colour Locals: These locals come in all primary and secondary colours, plus white in Contrasting Views. Like the flockers from their planet, they have small feathers atop their heads. In the unaired Tiny Planets pilot episode[2], locals appeared featherless and in primary colours. However, they were shown to be able to fuse together to form secondary colours, and black when multiple secondary-coloured locals fused together.
  • Technology Locals: While Technology locals were never shown in any episodes, they were present in older versions of the Tiny Planets website. They are droplet-shaped with small antennae- possibly a light. Unlike other locals they have large mouths with prominent teeth. The technology locals shown on the site were green with yellow jaws.[3] The only local ever shown in-episode on this planet was the giant green local who appeared in Pivotal Points and on the Planet of Stuff in Picnic Poser. The only actual Technology local depicted in the show was a drawing of a half-purple and half-yellow local, appearing on Bong's birthday card in Birthday Build-Up.
  • Sound Locals: Like Sound flockers, Sound locals have patch markings and large ears. They can be yellow, red, green, white, or blue.
  • Stuff Locals: Stuff locals are unique in that rather than being egg-shaped, they come in a variety of geometric shapes, particularly squares, triangles, and circles. They can be green, yellow, blue, purple, red, or white in colour. In the episode Suits You a group of Stuff locals were hit by a falling disco ball, not injuring them, but causing each of them to split into two independent locals. A light-purple cube-shaped Stuff local appeared on Bong's birthday card in Birthday Build-Up.
  • Nature Locals: Nature locals each have three mushroom-shaped 'spots' on their head, and are typically purple, yellow, green, pink, or blue. The only episode they appeared in was Winter Warm-Ups.
  • Self Locals: Typically, Self locals have antennae and are blue, orange, or yellow with rectangular blue, orange, or yellow markings. In Night Light, Sleep Tight, these locals are shown to be bioluminescent. Some Self locals are spherical in shape with a solid colour and 'floating' eyes. These ones most notably are seen in the audience of the planet's sport events, and in the episode Box of Tricks. There is also at least one yellow cube-shaped local on the Planet of Self, who appears to be hollow and can open up like a box.

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